SSL renewal
GeoTrust SSL Zertifikate

True BusinessID

Qualified Organsation Validation to increase your safety

  • Extended Validation (EV)
  • Multidomain (SAN)
  • Unlimit. Subdomains
  • Anti-Malware-Scan
  • Organisation-Check
€ 74,-
from € 70,30 / Year*

Renew your GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate at and receive additional discounts!

  • First time customers
    receive a 5% discount on the list price!
  • Returning customers
    receive a 5% discount on the list price
  • Returning customers
    do not have to reenter their details, since they are already in our system.
    This makes it possible to issue certificate renewals within minutes!
  • All customers
    The remaining validity for your certificate will be kept when you request an early renewal.
Renewals for first time customers Renewals for returning customers

SSL renewal

You are looking to renew a "True BusinessID" certificate from GeoTrust, which will shortly loose its validity. At you can easily renew your certificate. Additionally, we offer you a discount of 5% on the list price from € .

Technically, to renew your True BusinessID it has to be issued again, meaning that your address and the CSR of your server have to be sent to GeoTrust again. GeoTrust allows you to keep your certificate's validity when placing new orders, meaning you will not loose out on months of validity time. It doesn't matter where you bought your previous certificate, since you are ultimately a GeoTrust customer.

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