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SwissSign SSL Gold EV

The Swiss SSL certificate of the highest trust and security level.

With the SSL Gold Certificate Extended Validation you can secure your web application according to EV standards. With this certificate the browser's address bar appears in green. This shows your customers that you value trust in online transactions. This is of utmost importance for the success of e-commerce applications.

Total & Savings

  • 1 Year
    € 488,00

    (netto: € 410,08)

  • (2 x € 445,00)
    2 Years
    € 890,00

    (netto: € 747,90)

    € 86,00
  • §

    GDPR Compliance / EU-DSGVO

    Die Ausgabestelle (CA) versichert, personenbezogene Daten ausschlie�lich im Einklang mit der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) der Europ�ischen Union zu speichern und verarbeiten.

  • Extended Validation

    Extended Validation SSL (EV) Certificates are currently the most trusted Web page encryption method. The extended validation involves a detailed check of the applicant by the certification bodies (e.g., Digicert, T-Systems). Applicants are manually checked by a vetting team of the commercial register extract and eg a telephone contact. The goal of this check is to prevent or prevent phishing with encrypted, and at first glance, secure websites by only obtaining EV-certified, real, achievable applicants. As a result, only the original pages when calling the https connection show the name and the data of the company holding the certificate. Nearly all banks and financial institutions rely on EV-SSL certificates.

  • Instantly secured: Free SSL certificate for the periode of issunance is providing a special service to its customers: Until your EV certificate has been issued, you get a fully functional certificate for the time being. Because this certificate is domainvalidated, it will be issued nearly instantly. By this means the periode until the EV certificate will be issued can be bridged with.

  • Business Authentication

    With requesting documents like e.g. an excerpt from the commercial register SwissSign ensures that the secured domain is in fact the owners domain. The data, reviewed by SwissSign, can be looked into when the user clicks the browsers site seal or https-value. This is an extended security feature and an effective way to build trust with your clients.

  • 256Bit SSL Encryption

    SSL encrypts the data before transmission between client (e.g. web browser) and server, and decrypts it afterward. The encryption level is measured in bit-strength. This SwissSign SSL Certificate guarantees the highest possible encryption level with 256Bit.

  • SwissSign Site-Seal

    Site SealEntering the website, the Site-Seal with date display indicates a secure SSL connection. When clicking the seal, a SwissSignPop-Up opens with information on encryption and domain owner (Business Authentication). This increases the users sense of security dramatically, which benefits the number of aborts in the purchasing process.

  • Money-Back for 14 Days

    There is no risk whatsoever purchasing this certificate.
    You can return for 14 days, in case of a compatibility glitch there is also an 30 days cash back option.

  • Simple Installation and Renewal online

    The installation of your SwissSign SSL Certificate only takes a few minutes. After completion you will see a closed padlock in your browser, which indicates the SSL protection. We will send out a reminder before your certificate expires, this way your websites will be kept safe.



The Swiss SSL certificate of the highest trust and security level.

from € 445,- / Year*

(netto: € 373,95)

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