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An SSL encryption doesn't just secure the data traffic between two parties (e.g. shop and customer), it also provides a feeling of safety using https , which is mandatory if you wish to gain your customers' trust. Below you can find out which SSL certificate fulfills your needs, how you can configure your SSL encryption and what types of certificates are available.

Overview of SSL Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) Single Domain Multi Domain
Organization Validation Single Domain Multi Domain Wildcard
Domain Validation Single Domain Multi Domain Wildcard Multi Domain Wildcard

Overview of Certificate Authorities (CA)

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Need an SSL certificate for your Shop, Server or Website? You'll find valuable tips concerning the choice of your certificate in our Purchase Advice section. Are you already using SSL protection and looking to renew your certificate? All information regarding the renewal of SSL certificates can be found in our Special. More information regarding SSL renewals. If you want to compare the costs and features of two SSL certicates you can make use of our comparison tool.

What types of SSL certificates can I choose from?

Domain validated SSL certificates

All certificates in our portfolio are at least domain validated. The CA has to verify that the requestor is indeed the domain's owner. In order validate the domain, the whois data will be checked. Subsequently, the SSL certificate will be sent to an email address underneath the Top-Level-Domain.
You can find out more about our domain validated certificates in the Purchase Advice

Organization validated SSL certificates

During a Organization Validation the CA will verify that the domain and the certificate form one entity and that the owner of the domain has been validated. The organization validation usually requires an extract from the trade register or the Chamber of Commerce. The domain's owner will be visible when users check the certificate information (e.g. by clicking on the Site Seal). SSL certificates with an Organization Validation make far more requirements to the domain owner. The fact that the domain owner's information can easily be accessed helps to create a solid trust base.
You can find out more about our organization validated certificates in the Purchase Advice

Extended Validation

Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV) are currently the most trusted encryption method. The extended validation involves a detailed check of the applicant by the certification bodies (e.g., Digicert, T-Systems). This is checked by a Vetting team the commercial register extract, as well as a telephone contact with the applicant. The goal of this check is to prevent or prevent phishing with encrypted, and at first glance, secure, websites by only obtaining EV-certified, real, achievable applicants. As a result, only the original pages when calling the https connection show the name and the data of the company holding the certificate.
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