Email encryption and email signing

Email signing certificates / S-MIME

Emails are sent in cleartext. Each node offers the possibility to attackers to intercept an email, so that the email can be read or modified. S-MIME certificates ensure the validity, integrity and authenticity of your email's content. You can even protect the content by encrypting it, keeping it safe from uninvited readers. SSLplus currently offers S-MIME certificates from Symantec, Comodo, SwissSign and GlobalSign.

Overview of certificate authorites

The advantages at a glance

  • Protection from third part access
  • Proof of authenticity (sender)
  • Proof of integrity (unchangeable)
Overview of all Email Signing certificates


Business communication is increasingly moving into the digital domain. This makes it all the more important to make sure that your information is in safe hands. The NoSpamProxy® Gateway offers you protection from spam and malicious software, and helps you encrypt your emails. Due to the automation of many functions a lot of time can be saved in the administrational process.

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Securing Exchange Servers

Securing Exchange Servers poses special challenges to the required certificate. The root domain will have to be protected by the certificate, as well as any internally used hostnames ending on ".local". Any additional second-level domains will have to be included too. Therefore multidomain certificates offer the best options for the encryption of multiple hostnames, and grant smooth functionality in conjunction with Outlook.

Exchange SSL certificates