Anti Malware Scans and Site Seals

Protect your Website against malware and unwanted blacklisting

Malware can have devastating consequences

Malware Attacks impact countless websites on a daily basis. The entry point is mostly the software used on the website, e.g. content management systems, shop systems or blogs. If your website suffers from security breaches, attackers might succeed in implanting malicious code into your website.

The consequences of malware attacks are usually horrendous: not only will your website be downranked and put into quarantine once Google discovers the malicious software, most browsers will also display a warning page instead of your website. If a visitor gets infected by the virus resulting in data loss, the website owner will be held accountable for all damage caused (conditio sine qua non).

A good way to avoid such unnecessary damage would be an Anti-Malware Scan certificate. Said certificate will scan your website 24 hours a day, and will instantly notify you in case any malware gets found. This will allow you to take measures before any damage is caused. Furthermore, the Anti Malware Site Seal shows your visitors that your attach importance to keeping your website safe at all times.

Comparison of dedicated Anti-Malware Scan certificates

Overview of all certificates including an Anti-Malware Scan

The advantages at a glance

  • Daily Anti-Malware-Scan of your website against malware infections and security issues
  • Dynamic Anti-Malware ScanSite Seal
  • Easy to install